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6/7: Material Drop Off for Remote Students

Reported by on 5/23/21

Material Drop-Off for Students Learning Remotely
Monday, June 7 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Dear Young Families of Students Learning Remotely,

It is hard to believe that there are two weeks remaining for the 2020-2021 school year. A part of the school year wrap-up is student material drop off.

Material drop-off for students learning remotely is Monday, June 7 from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Families will use the front circle drive to drop off school materials. The chromebook and charger need to be returned in a bag from home. School books and other materials need to be returned in a separate bag. If you would like to return your items before June 7, please contact the school office at 630-375-3800 to make arrangements with us.

Note to 5th Grade Remote Students: 5th grade remote students will pick up their 5th Grade Memory Book and Granger t-shirt from the PTA on Monday, June 7.

Please note that the following school materials need to be returned to school.
Chromebook and Charger
Library Books
White Boards

Note about the Chromebook and Charger
Please find below the checklist of items the IPSD 204 LMC Directors are required to follow from our district tech department for acceptance of the Chromebooks. If there should be an issue with your student’s Chromebook, a service ticket will be placed with tech services and a charge placed through PushCoin.

We will be looking for the following when checking in chromebooks and chargers:
**Is the Chromebook cleaned and in presentable condition?
**Does the Chromebook turn on?
**Is the Chromebook free of stickers, decals, skins or other decorations?
**The Chromebook is free of cracks
**The Touchscreen is free of any damage and working
**The Keyboard is intact and no missing keys
**USB and Audio port are free of damage
**The Top and bottom case is attached and free of cracks
**The Charger is the one issued to your student and free of damage

If you have questions about the chromebook or library books, please contact Mrs. Ranucci and

If you have questions about other items, please contact Ms. Morgan.

Adrienne Morgan

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